A Sip of Coffee in the Morning

He rushed into the kitchen to turn off the stove. His coffee was ready and he didn’t want it to boil over.

It was 10 o clock a Saturday morning and he had no immediate plans. He, therefore, decided to sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy the view of the water outside his window.

It was a beautiful autumn morning, the water was completely flat, the only ripples coming from a pair of ducks on a voyage to the other side.

He took a sip of his coffee and enjoyed the warm and delicate taste flowing through his mouth. It reminded him of a Tinder date he had a few days earlier at a cafe. His date was friendly in a typically American way. She was smiley, talkative and good fun. However, he got this slight feeling of a falsity in the way she behaved. It was a sense that her behaviour wasn’t due to enjoying her time with him, it was rather just her default way of acting. It seemed as if she was just being polite. He also didn’t get the vibes he was expecting which would confirm her interest. Towards the end of the date, he, therefore, didn’t mention meeting up again.

Now a few days had gone, without any correspondence. He didn’t want to seem desperate by sending a text right away, but now the time had come where he needed to initiate a conversation if he wanted to pursue her further.

He took another sip of his coffee. The ducks were now two-thirds of their way across the water and a boat slowly drove past, disturbing the calm ripples from the ducks.

His mind was conflicted. Should he send a message and ask for a second date? Was she genuine during the date, or was it just an act to be polite? Why couldn’t she just have been honest and behaved according to how she felt? He was frustrated by how difficult it was to decode women. If she wasn’t interested, it would have made things a lot easier if she had just been dismissive.

He thought back to the days before the first date. They spent hours sending messages to each other.

Then, nothing. Silence.

Why this sudden stop of communication right after the date? Was she waiting for him? Or was it because she regretted the whole date and wanted to avoid him altogether?

He hated that his insecurities put all these thoughts into his head. He wished that he could have the confidence to just go forward and not worry about all of this.

He picked up his phone and started to write a message to her.

But then again, he thought. Did he want to pursue someone who he couldn’t decode, someone who says yes when she means no, someone who he could never take at face value?

All this thinking was hurting his brain, so he took another sip of his coffee hoping the caffeine would give him the push to make a decision. The ducks had now crossed to the other side and the water was now completely still, perfectly reflecting the sky and surrounding landscape.

He looked into his flat, it was the same. Not a noise, everything was lying exactly where he had put it. He could just sit there, drink coffee and watch the water for hours and nothing would happen. How boring that would be.

So he made a decision.

He hit send…