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“By learning to create technology, girls learn to speak up.”

— Regina Agyare

Hey! My name is Eila Farnood and I’m currently a grade 9 student at the University of Toronto Schools. For the majority of my school year, it was impossible to find time for me to adopt a hobby. However, with our current quarantine situation, I’ve recently started to get into baking! Some of my most prized creations were pecan butter tarts, an orange meringue pie, and a key lime cake. …

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Photo by CDC on Unsplash

In December 2019, a novel coronavirus was found to have developed in Wuhan, China. Dubbed the severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), this virus causes a disease that now has the world scrambling to find its cure: COVID-19, or the Coronavirus disease (2019).

And I think it’s safe to say that our entire lives have been upturned by COVID.

As of right now, one-third of the global population is in quarantine. There is a total of almost 500,000 cases, all of which have developed in just a few months. COVID is responsible for around 22,000 deaths so far, 40 of which are in Canada alone. …

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Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

You’ve probably heard of the allegations made against Trump during the election. Ok, so maybe there are a ton of them, but the one I’m thinking of is the idea that the election was rigged. This may be old news, but people’s distrust in the current ballot system will not hold for long. However, thanks to technology, we might be closer to a solution than ever before.

Introducing the blockchain 🔗

The blockchain is literally a network that has its data stored in a different manner compared to other centralized networks.

When a piece of data is pushed to the blockchain, then that piece of data needs to be verified by other people on the network. In the blockchain, there are multiple nodes, each one being a separate person.

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A stunning image of Kras-Driven Lung Cancer

Our bodies are essentially just giant computers.

Every single thing that our body does comes from the code stored inside our cells; without our program, we wouldn’t be able to function. If we change the code, it can affect how we look. It’s kind of like editing a video game character.

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If you asked me what the definition of blockchain is a month ago you probably would’ve gotten an answer like this:

“Are you talking about a chain of blocks, or am I missing the point here…?”

Although my definition may sound ridiculous, it is.
It’s the dumbest thing ever. (And maybe slightly true, it matters how much credit you’re willing to give me)

But I guess we all have to start somewhere and over these past few weeks I’ve learned more about how chains of blocks work than I ever hoped to. …


Eila Farnood

A 14-year-old Canadian student who is super passionate about exponential technology!

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