Empowering personal support workers and caregivers through a platform.

An app to help active people improve their mobility and keep doing the things they love.

Range of Motion: More mobility, fewer injuries

“Range of Motion is defined as both the distance a joint can move and the direction in which it can move.”

Range of Motion (ROM) Coach is an app by Precision Movement. The mission of Precision Movement is to help active people get back to and keep doing the things they love. They do this by eliminating pain, healing and preventing injuries and improving mobility in day to day lives.

I was hearing about using an app…

Vesta’s Homepage

I have always been interested in using technology and my design skills for social good. Hence, when I was presented with different options to choose from as a client project to work on, I selected Vesta without a second thought. Vesta is a social enterprise aiming to provide a safe space for those who have experienced sexual harassment and to become a valuable part of their journey by giving them a new level of control, connectivity, and support. Their mission is to create a secure and trusted web platform which will support individuals’ pathways to justice. …

A holistic UX review of the market’s website redesign.

Why Kensington Market?

Kensington Market, one of the main and oldest markets in Toronto, is a walkable bohemian neighbourhood that attracts tourists and locals to its boutique shops, bars and restaurants. However, living in an online era, when everyone relies on internet to look for information, places to visit and reviews, the market was at a disadvantage having very low online presence. The current Kensington Market’s website does not portray the market’s true vibe or shows relevant information to the users.

The Opportunity

There is a growing concern that Canadians will lose interest in shopping local…

Eilaf Zehra

A Toronto based Product Designer with a communications background, passionate about using design and technology for social good | www.eilafzehra.com

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