Letter To A Future Hybrid 214 Student


My name is Phuong Tran and I am just about to finish another semester here at SF state. I was actually recommended by a close friend to take this class because she enjoyed it (Alisa Nguyen-Le). Coming into English 214 with Professor Michael Shannon was somewhat what I had expected. If you are not a morning person I do not recommend you to take an 8AM class. Yes, this class is half online and in class but it does not mean the work load will be easy to BS your way through. This class consists of various blog posts on ONE topic that you get to choose at the beginning of the semester. You are to stick and write about this one topic for 4 months. Do choose something you are passionate about and/is looking forward to doing more research on. Personally I think topics that are outside the box and not the typical celeb and tech stuff are best to write about. It was hard to come down to one topic but if you use your resources and break it down, it is possible. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it! Before I started this class I found English classes to be very boring. But after getting to know how this class works I looked forward to choosing my topic to blog about. Honestly most of the new things I learned from this class was from the research I had to come up with by myself. And most importantly the fun part about this class is you do not have to bring any notes or pen/pencils. All in all I just want to say make the best out of it because you are paying for tuition and classes. So every class you miss you basically lose a chunk of that dough. Trust me the semester will fly by so fast before you even know it.


Phuong Tran

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