Stay “Woke” America — It’s 2017

Yes, it’s 2017. The year that everyone thinks individuals should be “woke”. You’d think by now we would've made greater progress as a country. Ahh yes, America The Great, the bold, the brave. America. It’s 2017. You should be “woke” by now.

Let’s think about a few questions, maybe just for a second. How many times have you heard “Its 2017” since 2017 started to justify the way people behave? Has America progressed as much as they ought have? Often, individuals use this phrase as a protection shield from everyone who thinks differently. It’s used to stand up to the ones who are stuck in the olden days and I, for one, can’t stand it any more.

Don’t get me wrong — Its 2017 and we should accept the LGBTQ community. Its 2017 and we should accept immigrants from all nations. Its 2017 and we should accept democracy and the progress of socialism, It’s 2017 and we should accept the changes we cannot explain and the feelings we cannot help but feel. Its 2017 and women should do what they wish with their bodies without the government interfering its 2017 and we should help support our educational program, and inner cities to try and change the negatives from it. It’s 2017 and women should get paid equally, and humans should have the basics of human rights in their world. but what people don’t understand — is that WE as the country the world looks up to needs to take their minds off what doesn’t matter, and look at what does.

Its 2017 and I look around at faces that portray the Kardashians. I look around and so many people are concerned with Beyonces newly found pregnancy, who Kanyes beefing with now, or who wore what when and how and yet — they want change? These people want change and Idolize celebrities, and treat them like Gods. These people scream “ITS 2017” when someone disagrees with their point of view yet they act like this? They idolize this?

America is the world where materialistic objects mean more to someone than time well spent. America is the world where women need to meet “Make up goals” “hair goals” “couple goals” “eyebrow goals” yet fail to meet SAT, UC acceptance, Iv-League goals. America is becoming the world where men believe they can control women. America is becoming the world where minorities are the “problem” of inner cities but nobody wants to take the time and the effort to see and fix the real problem and that’s the lack of utilities — To do, to progress together regardless of where one comes from. What people don’t understand is that it’s not just the inner cities that needs fixing. Its the mindset of the people who don’t quite understand any position any struggles any life besides their own.

What people don’t understand is that it might be 2017 but that doesn’t mean anything. Its 2017 and our criminal justice system is a mess, it’s 2017 and America has more African Americans incarcerated then they had slaves. Its 2017 and everyone is concerned with looking like the Kardashians, and what shoes who is wearing and how can I look like her instead of fighting for the rights of the people who have been silenced. Fighting for the rights of the Native Americans who America shoved to the side, stole their land, and now stealing their water, stealing their life. Its 2017 and corporate America is stealing from every human being for the money, and the cars, and the jewelry. Its 2017 and when someone become outraged over something that can dramatically impact their lives someone calls them sensitive. Its 2017 and human rights is a joke. Its 2017 and we have a man sitting at the thrown that the world looks up to who, preaches hate. Who spoke of the 50–60s as the “Good old days”. That same man treats women like objects, and encourages segregation, violence, hatred, and a profound Patriotism that fell in the lap of every KKK member, and people are so confused. They confuse Nationalism with racism. It’s their excuse. An excuse for White Supremacist to feel empowered once more. A man who is racist. A man who is Narcissistic, and speaks at a 4th grade level. A man who’s had everything handed to him and doesn’t care if he lets it slip, including U.S information. Its 2017 and we have Donald Trump as our President. Or maybe Bannon? Who knows. Its 2017 and we live in Grab them by the Pussy America.

So I no longer want to hear “It’s 2017" as an attempt to justify Americas progression, because they haven’t — we haven’t. America took two baby steps forward, and is running back. Its 2017, and we have not progressed as a country at the rate that we should’ve. It’s 2017 and while others have REAL problems, while others die and fight a fight that was never theirs — while others starve, Most of Americas Millennials are worried about looking like or being like celebrities who don’t care — who haven’t cared.

You want to say “Its 2017”, fight like hell to make it the 2017 America should’ve been in.

Stay “Woke” — It’s 2017.