Learn to Write Apps…For Evil! (A CoderDojo Tutorial)

Eileen King
Apr 1, 2017 · 1 min read

If you’re new to using AppInventor to create mobile apps, then creating something to trick your friends with can be a great way to get started!

If you follow this link, it will walk you through how to make a basic app: it’s a button that shows a picture of cat. When you pet the cat, it meows.

Creating your first app with AppInventor will look something like this.

Once you’ve got the idea of creating buttons that make sound effects, how could you put that to use tricking your friends? Here are a few suggestions:

-> Make your app look like it will be something peaceful — use a soothing picture of the ocean or forest — and then have it make a loud and scary noise when you press the button!
-> Make the button say “Don’t press this button,” and then have something funny happen when you do!
-> Make the button say “Press to record,” but then just play a farting noise instead when it’s pressed.

What other ideas do you have? If you’ve got something sneaky or sinister up your sleeve but need help figuring out how to code it, ask a mentor!

    Eileen King

    Written by

    Minnesota educator primarily using Medium as a publishing platform for coding tutorials | nfldcoderdojo.org | #cs4all | #mncodes

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