A note to the gentle reader: this is a literary/political post, so buckle up. We live in Kafkaesque times right now. The Oxford English Dictionary defines Kafkaesque as, “Of or relating to the writings of Franz Kafka; resembling the state of affairs or a state of mind described by Kafka.” Another definition from Google, and more appropriate — at least to my mind — states, “Characteristic or reminiscent of the oppressive or nightmarish qualities of Franz Kafka’s fictional world.” Google for the win!

Franz Kafka and dog.

The United States recently survived a mid-term election process that brought out a record number of voters…

The process of fiction writing is something that can be elusive, frustrating, and in those rare moments when done right, one of the most rewarding and creative outlets available. Often the process is romanticized; that the ability to write is something magical and the writer must have some special gift in order to have the muse bestowed upon her. And most writers, from the novice to the seasoned pro, live in fear of the muse either never showing up or leaving them in the lurch when most needed. …

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Pride and Prejudice has been adapted onto film more than any other Jane Austen novel. Within the camp of Jane-ites (women and some enlightened men who appreciate all things Austen) opinions run high as to the best version. There seems to be a constant push and pull over who captured the spirit of Elizabeth Bennet best, and more importantly, who mastered the role of the arrogantly brooding Mr. Darcy. The two most popular adaptations were the 2005 and 1995 versions with Kiera Knightly and Jennifer Ehle starring in the role of Lizzie Bennet respectively.

Eileen Dominick Long

Actor. Singer. Writer. Grad student. Oh, and I like to cook too.

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