Calling All Techies

tldr; Last April I started a project with a group of cool people called Billion and I’m currently looking for a technical co founder, if you’re interested read on!

The Part Where I Explain What I’m Doing

Billion is centered around the idea of solving seemingly impossible problems. If I can wake up every morning and the technology exists for me to essentially carry around a tiny computer in my pocket (my iphone) and the technology to grow human organs is on the verge of a breakthrough, why is something as simple as a starving child so seemingly impossible to solve? Why do over a hundred million kids around the world have lack of an access to a good education? Why am I now able to enter a virtual reality if I so choose, but a single mom in a third world country cannot even get access to a clean glass of water?

Billion is centered around the philosophy that in the crossover of social enterprise and technology, there lies the power to create sustainable solutions that impact billions of people around the globe. I think a lot about what Peter Diamandis once said, which was, if we could rally the rule breakers, i.e. the entrepreneurs, to stop working on meaningless things like twitter plugins, and focus that ambition, talent, drive, and heart, towards solving a global issue like world hunger, how incredibly fast the world would heal. Imagine it- a world without the hungry, how utterly impossible it seems. But Billion strives to reach that goal.

The Part Where You Learn What It Is

Billion is the world’s first tournament style crowdfunding platform. Ideas can be pitched on our website through an application, those top ideas are then funneled into a NCAA style bracket where users can visit our site and purchase points to vote on their favorite idea. Their money goes into what we call the Billion Fund. At the end of each cycle, one movement with the most points wins and receives the entire fund, and takes it, and goes on to change the world.

We provide a unique opportunity for early stage enterprises to gain a huge amount of exposure through our competition style platform. Not only do we provide exponential crowdfunding through our willingness to accept micro donations, and those donations eventually waterfalling into one huge amount, but we also are able to crowdsource feedback from the community on which idea is the most needed and feasible through our voting system.

The Part Where You Read About The Stuff We’ve Done

We built a platform in 3 months, launched an application, recieved over 40 responses, chose the top 14, launched an online crowdfunding cycle in partnership with a local festival, and turned $700 of funding into over $8,400 in a week with virtually no marketing. We’ve given around $10,000 away to local social enterprises in the past year and we’re currently in a social enterprise accelerator and pitching for 100k on August 19 (date tentative.) Our platform is completely built but requires maintenance and continual development as we add on features as we scale.

The Part Where I Convince You

My name is Eileen, I’m 22 years old, and I want to change the world. You probably think that gives me a weird god complex, but I swear it doesn’t! I just remember even back when I was 7 or 8, not being able to fall asleep at night because I was trying to think of how I could be the very best person I could possibly be. It blew my mind that there were lonely people on the planet and my weird tiny self wanted to do everything in my power to make sure that everyone I came into contact with felt nothing but acceptance, love, and compassion. I used to have this diary that one night I went downstairs to my kitchen at 1am in the morning and I drew in a hundred empty hearts. The idea was that each time I changed someone’s life, I’d fill in a heart. I think that was when I was 13. (I was an odd duck.)

I could tell you pages and pages about Billion, but at the end of the day, it’s about selling you on me. I haven’t changed very much since I was 7. I still like the oreo cereal, I enjoy hi fives but often miss them, and I still want to change the world. If you grew up wanting those same things, (especially that last one) then I think we should talk. I greatly look forward to it.

If you’re curious to learn more send me an email at

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