Back to school in our 30s

Lately I have had a lot of people come to me and ask why I decided to go back to school… well, the simplest answer is: It’s never too late.

I graduated high school in 2001. In 2004 I got married, had an amazing job at a bank, and never really considered going back to school.

In 2006 my husband decided to join the US Army and my life took a whole new spin. I was now moving away from everything and every one I had ever known in my 20s. I supported his career to the fullest of capacities. He started enlisted and transitioned to officer. We survived countless deployments and because of all of the moves I settled for dead end jobs that I felt were getting me no where in life.

My the time my 30th birthday rolled around we had lived in 4 different states, in one state we resided three times with at least 8 moves altogether. There was no way for me to find a stable job where I could advance in any way.

Once we settled in GA there were multiple deployments. The reasoning for never starting school was that it was just not in the budget. Mind you, I managed the household finances and still do to this date. On my 30th birthday, while in GA, I swore I would make the most out of my 30s. The first step I took was applying for financial aid and getting registered to start school again. I did tis without speaking to my husband. Once I was registered and ready to start, I had a phone call with him and explained what was going on and that when he got home from the deployment that things were likely going to be different at home. He was very hesitant at first and a little disappointed that I did not discuss things with him first. I explained to him that for the last 10 years I had been so focused on his career that I had to find something for myself considering that I wanted to be able to contribute to our retirement 10 years from now since he had been the sole bread winner for most of our marriage. He did understand that and I was able to start school up with only a few personal hiccups.

I have been doing it online and slowly. Since starting college I have already lived in GA, AZ, and now I reside in CA. It’s really only been 1.3 years and I am only 40 credits into my bachelors. Even with all of the moving I have been able to maintain a 4.0. Something I never thought I would be able to do with the kind of life we lead.

So this message is for anyone thinking about going back to school… if you really want it, you’ll do it! No matter what age you are, it’s never to late to start back up and go for something that you are passionate about. Life happens, and there is nothing we can do to stop life. You can only control the things that are in your control. Hopefully this will help someone else find that extra push to start something new for themselves.