If my father were alive, I might have written something similar, although I’m from a time when…
Ronnie J Darling

This is what hurts me the most. Not Trump’s ignorant, uninformed, immature words and ridiculous platform.

What breaks my heart, over and over, is the fact that every day, somewhere in the world, my country is dropping bombs from drones, flat out murdering men, women and children, just going about their daily lives. I don’t understand how these actions aren’t war crimes.

I am not in any way trying to invalidate your feelings, btw, and maybe this isn’t the right place for me to express my anguish. I understand and share your views about Trump. I hope your dad reads your letter, and I hope it makes him think about the choice he makes.

I just feel sick about voting for a candidate for whom drone strikes are not even an issue.

I think that Hillary is so much better qualified than Trump to be president that there’s no contest.

I just wish there was a different contest, one in which candidates were judged on their commitment to working for peace.

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