Three Stories That Explain Why I Am Relentlessly, Passionately, and Impatiently Optimistic
Melinda Gates

It was great to read your report , and so interesting . I have not been to India but have been to Uganda and Mozambique, Unfortunately I do not have enough personal knowledge of how women and children are progressing but it does seem to me that educating women and girls is the answer. Men prefer the status quo and women are not treated with respect as they are now in developed countries. I have been talking to someone today who was born in Rhodesia lived in South Africa and is concerned over how the African countries are being governed. Look at Uganda where you can now be killed for being homosexual. Women fortunately do care more its part of being a women, who bear the future generations and should be able to have a say in how things are run. Education and training is the only answer, I just wish I was younger and could actually go and help this actually come about. I did not have the opportunity when I was younger but the first opportunity to go to Uganda to help in an orphanage and school , I was off like a shot. It was a great privilege to be there with them all. They were all lovely people and made you feel so loved , an experience I shall never forget, and one that I have shared with many people .