Amazon Dash - just when you thought online shopping can’t get easier
Angel Fu

Cool innovation, but it doesn’t make sense to me…

Here are some of my doubts about this product:

  1. It is clear that Amazon wants to make the shopping process as easy as possible. But in truth, the button is really product specific. Say you have buttons for 20 products that you want to keep purchasing, you will end up searching through those 20 buttons *physically* and try to determine the right button to press. Wouldn’t it just be easier to shop online when you can just type and search?
  2. Price is another concern for me. What I enjoy the most about Amazon is the pricing options such as bundles and discounts, but Dash button does not have any of these.

Personally, the Dash button won’t add any value to my shopping process. I still want to have the flexibility to try different brands and products whenever I get a chance. After all, why would I pay $20.11 for laundry detergent using the button when I can get the same thing for $15 from some other online shopping websites (and they do shipping too! )? :)

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