Programming Learning Tool For Kids

I first started programming in the first year back in college. To be honest, it was not easy in the beginning. The only course that was close to programming logic is Calculus, and that was it! So when I entered this field, I had no idea what programming logic is.

It was not fun enough for me to learn the logic during that time, but now it is all different! With the help of technology, learning programming logic can be as fun as playing games!

There are many different approaches to programming logic, and of course, we should also apply different approaches to different age groups. In this article, I will be targeting on the learning tools for kids at age 7 to 12. The main purpose of these learning tools is not to teach kids how to write the actual programming code, but rather to introduce the logic behind the code, that is, programming logic.

Light-bot App

It teaches kids the concept of logic such as command statement, loop control and conditional statement through a set of problem-solving games. They only need to resemble commands to get the robot moving!


It offers a simple interface for kids to learn programming. Kids can use the commands (Arrows to the right, left, up and down) to move the fluffy object around.

Daisy The Dinosaur

This App offers slightly different commands than the previous ones. For example, it uses the simplified term “ repeat” for the regular loop statement which makes the logic more understandable. My favorite command is the “grow” command, so when you repeat the statement 5 times the dinosaur is going to GROW…GROW…GROW…GROW…GROW!
Isn’t this App fun?!

Have you noticed that there is one thing that the above learning tools have in common?

All of them are… Highly Interactive!!!! Yes!! And this is what makes all these tools perfect for the targeting age group. You wouldn’t expect kids be learning logic using logic gate right?!
Again, it is never too early to start getting into programming. By using learning tools above, coding can be easy and fun!

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