Visioning is not just visual

We are all creative beings, driven to bring our ideas to fruition: to see the results of our ideas and actions take form in projects realised: in our work, business, community, passions, relationships and even with our children. We want them to be well received and to be rewarded in exchange with revenue, praise, validation and/or legacy.

When dressmaking as a child my mother’s mantra was measure thrice, cut once. I was not always so measured. She often shuddered when she saw me cut into a piece of fabric without a pattern. I learned (as one does) that time spent in the creative phase produces a much clearer vision. And a vision that is fully formed produces significantly better (and faster results with much less effort too).

Is it any wonder I became a designer whose work it is create and steward people’s most precious possessions (besides their children): the expression of their ideas into identities and brand stories representing who they are and what value they deliver.

But in my experience most people, are like I was with that cloth, impatient to get into action without any clear idea of why, what or how.

In my program Conception, Curiosity and Creation you will learn and experience the difference between this instant visioning we witness in our world contrasted with working with the dynamic creative to fully embody what it is you will bring into being; and why rushing from the idea phase to realisation produces superficial and short lived results that will not withstand the challenges of a constantly shapeshifting market.

I’ve found this rush out of the gate model is how most people build their businesses, careers, lives, projects (hand up, I’ve done this too). It produces what I call ‘flapping action’ where there’s lots of movement but little results. There’s no clear vision or longer term strategy to contain it as it encounters the inevitable challenges that every project and business does.

The actions are not intentional because it is not clear what it it is and who the business needs, wants and desires to become. There is no clarity of purpose.

When you a create bespoke vision it emerges from deep within you from what you value and from who you are. Your vision not only guides you it pulls you. It creates an invisible thread from where you have come to where you are going, while locating you in present time. This process of visioning sets in motion a series of events that will make its realisation inevitable. It gathers all the resources, opportunities and people you need along the way (but cannot yet even begin to imagine): like a magnificent sweeper bringing everything into your orbit that moves you purposefully towards its realisation. By opening all of you to it, you remove the obstacles between you and it. This is what being in flow is and the best part it feel effortless. Work truly does become play.

The program invites you to connect, explore discover your essential nature where joy, ease and grace live. Sign up here if you feel a deep connection to this work or share it with someone you know has been wanting to connect with this part of themselves.

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