Local gallery unknowingly buys Chimpanzee’s painting

All proceeds raised will go towards animal welfare

By: Eilish Bonang

Jimmy Brown, a 26-year old Brazilian chimpanzee, has sold his first canvas painting this morning for $3,000.00.

Owner of local gallery The Artifact, Jennifer Ricks, purchased the painting before knowing the artist’s identity.

“I was stunned, honestly, an ape, I mean, a chimp. Sorry, I hope Jimmy wouldn’t be offended by that,” said Ricks. “I couldn’t have imagined a chimpanzee could have created something so beautiful.”

Jimmy’s trainer, Roched Seba, first introduced Jimmy to art when he noticed Jimmy didn’t enjoy playing with the same children’s toys as the other chimps.

It has been two months since Jimmy picked up his first paint brush and now he paints for 30 minutes each day.

Seba says all money raised from Jimmy’s artwork will be put towards animal welfare in the Halifax Zoo.

“We hope to build a bigger enclosure for the Chimps,” said Seba. “And of course we’ll buy more canvases and paints for Jimmy.”

At this time, Seba says there are at least two other galleries interested in Jimmy’s paintings. They should know by tomorrow if his work will be sold.