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2017 - 2018 — Side Projects

Emin Inanc Unlu
2 min readMar 2, 2022

I made a lot of case studies recently for my job applications and also for fun. You can view most of them here.

I added links to the ones that have a separate article about the process and the details. For the rest, I put the project video and description directly here.

P.S: I had limited time while doing some of them, so there are some design flaws that normally I wouldn’t do. Please consider this while evaluating the works here.

Luxury Airline Ticket Booking App — Project Link

Spotify Smart Play — Project Link

Opera Pay — Project Link

Improving Multiple Trip Booking Feature of Flixbus — Project Link


I added press-and-hold shortcut for selecting “to” and “from” locations in the map view for Citymapper iOS app. The design and prototype were made with Framer. You can try it yourself here. — Project Link

Black Zero — Project Link


I tried to improve the item navigation UI & UX and polished some of the animations of the Letgo iOS app. You can read the details in the PDF document here. I designed it with Sketch and prototyped with Framer. You can try the prototype here.

Framer — Project Link

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