The visual diet of an entrepreneur

At the early stages of entrepreneurship the goal, the want and the purpose need to be defined since day one. During the journy of an entrepeneur there is going to be some rough times which will bring fear and failure. How does someone keep up in the journey when there seems to be a 500 pound weight in top of them, where does the motivation to keep going come from?

The human body has 2 windows, one is the mouth, is the window to the body. The nutrion that comes trough it, enables the body to grow strong and have a capable fundamental structure to do anything physically. The eyes are the window to the soul, a belief, inspiration, the will power. And just like when you eat something it can either enhance the physique, or be the demise depending on what the food is, the same goes with what you see.

There is a visual diet out there that is good and bad. There is negative energy that if focused on to much the oersin will start to believe that negative exist inside them. That is a negative unhealthy diet. Visually an entrepreneur most focus on the positive things in life.

But having a healthy food diet, and a healthy visual diet is not enough, that is 2/3 of the equation. There really is no name for this element. Having the body, capable to do things, and the mind to believe in them is not enough, there needs to be a want, what do you want in life?

Without a want there is no reason to start in a journey as an entrepreneur. When someone wants something it combines every element in the equation, is makes the comon man be remebered for generations, it creates a person of passion, strenght.

Before entrepreneurs begin they journey, they need to know what they want, the porpuse for the long journey that is ahead needs to be clear.

There is thousands of people who overcame the odds, who did the imposible and change everything, these stories of people are an example of a good visual diet.

There is a missing key factor to mention about entrepreneurs. Fear and failure. It can either destroy the joruney or it can be the fuel of it.

There was a kid who worked for the Kansas City Star Newspaper. He was fired, the boss told him he didnt have any creative ability and he had to go. But he kept going, he knew what he wanted, he was being creative but the boss didnt see it, he was drawing sketches of animals, and cartoons. After a while got with a New York Distribution company. But soon after the company left him with nothing before he knew, they took all of his money and ideas. Somehow he kept going, and went to universal, he had a new cartoon, a rabbit. Universal liked the idea and they started to negociate and arrange everything, but again they took his idea because he had no money to patten it, and left him with nothing, again failure. But he stood up and kept going and he came up with an new cartoon, a mouse, but the poeple told him that was crazy, noone wants to see that, but he said “no i think they will, and im going to name it Mickey”.

The story of Walt Disney is an example of the fuel that fear and failure can be, when the want is so strong, failure becomes the strenght that keeps the person going.

In the early stages of an entrepreneur, the 3 elemnts need to be determined, specially the want, the want is what makes an entrepenour be succefull. WIthout one there is no point of starting.

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