What is college and learning really for?

Throughout our education, we are taught that college is the next thing. Every good grade you get in high school is getting you a step closer to the most prestigious university you can get to. But, what happens after university? The majority of the students get to this question at the end of their senior year in college. Here is where they are supposed to know what to do after college.

Getting a job doesn’t only take good grades to get it; they hire the person, not the grades. Recent graduates and college students spent too much time worrying about their good grades looking “perfect” to the eyes of society, that they had no time to ask the big questions. According to “Excellent Sheep” by William Deresiewicz, asking what the purpose of life is is worthless to discuss because it gets you nowhere. However, asking what the purpose of your life is gets you places.

College is the place where every student is supposed to find themselves and the true meaning of their life. After college, you seek a job that give you the fattest pay check.

“Jobs are more than a pay check, and life is more than a job.” -W.D

How good and helpful university is for your future, totally depends on you.

Excellent sheep book transmites various question like “What do you believe in? What do you stand for? What’s worth spending all of your time and energy on?” College won’t give the answer to this type of questions, but it can help to find it. Collegue simply provides the answers to many small questions that help you get good grades.

According to the books, once the person has found what they truely stand for in this world, is when they start loving to practice and learn about it. “This is what gives value to your life”.

Though learning takes time and effort it is for improvement, which is what college is all about. It’s up to person to choose the importance of the meaning and learning they are getting. In other words, university is a path that you can mold to a specific porpuse.

When i read this book i started to wonder everyday about my decisions, where to go, when to start colleague, but mainly why? Why would i want to go to college? After thinking days about this question, i realized that im not sure yet. I am in my last year of high school, 10 months before graduation, and because of Excellent Sheep, i have learned it is way better to really think about it, instead of just going with the pourpuse of climbing to the next step of the educational system.

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