Summer fun: Best cheese board sets I saw in the www

If you love serving cheese and wine as I do, the cheese board you use is a big deal. Sorry, but things taste differently when you use the right serving dish.

Here’s my collection, after running a “small” research:

  1. Cheese board set by Smarthingzz — Sold in Amazon. I feel it offers the best value for money (9 pieces all in one wood plate set with knives, labels and even a pen)

Here’s how it looks:

2. Personalized Olive Wood Cheese Board — Loved it that you can write your text on the wood, it’s kind’a cool.

The look:

3. 3 floor cheese board set for picnics- I love dishes with levels, they always look so elegant!

the looks:

4. And last: Bergamo Wooden Cheese Board with 4 Cheese Knives Set — It’s a big one, and also, I loved that the knives are sorted in a way that’s easily reached, regardless of where you sit.

The look:

What’s your choise?