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Nick Farr

Hey Nick!

I’ve been following you for abour two years now and I was looking forward to finally be able to chat with you about coming back to the US via “Hackers on a plane” to do a tour of some hackerspaces in the US.

When I read your tweet about not coming to the Camp and the congress I was quite sad but I understood that it wasnot possible for you due to health issues to come. Now, that I read your story I got a glimpse of the bigger picture. It is sad to hear that one single individual compromised your belief in the whole community. That should never be the case — In no community!

Unlike you I was not harrassed or threatened by someone, but I can see which direction your opinion is going. The community is all-inclusive and tries to be as open as possible which leads to unfortunate encounters because not everyone is as open as the person next to him/her. See, even with the “him/her” part, I’m probably insulting insulting the transgender part of the community. The thing is: It doesn’t bother me anymore. Being as open as it may be, the community also should encourage differences of personality.

That being said, I think you should “come back” for several reasons I do not intend to write here as it would take too long. It would be a great loss for the community if you decided to retire completely. After all, who will continue organizing the lightning talks in the funny way you did? I think that Jake “won” and got his will if you stop attending the events. Where and how will the change you proposed take place if not with your help?

Regardless of your decision, I wish you luck and still hope to have a chat with you, here in Germany, at a camp or conference someday!

Best wishes,


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