Signs That It’s Time To Hire New Team Members

If your team has been progressively expanding, it’s a clear indication that your business has been growing. Hiring new individuals at the onset of a business venture is a very exciting time for new businesses. But once a competent team has been established, what often happens is that hiring hits a point of stagnation. This is fine when you have hired the necessary amount of people to catch up with the recent fluctuation in business, but as the demands of your business continues to expand, so should your team.

Managers often get stuck in a hiring rut because they are timid of over-hiring. This is a good precaution to have, since over-hiring can have some serious consequences. But failing to hire enough people for your business can be just as detrimental. How do you know when it is time to hire additional team members? Look for these signs:

You have had to sacrifice incoming business.

There is nothing wrong with having to turn away some business opportunities for the benefit of your company. But if the reason you are turning away business is out of concern for the workload of your employees, it’s a sign that you may need to add some more members to your team. You don’t want to halt your growth simply because you are understaffed.

Your most competent employees are struggling to keep up.

On every team is an individual or group of individuals whose work ethic exceeds what is expected of them. If there has been a consistent regression in the work of your top employees, imagine the struggles that your other team members are enduring. It’s dangerous to let the workload exceed the capabilities of your team.

Overtime is becoming the new norm.

Depending on certain circumstances, some weeks may require that employees put in overtime. But when 50+ hour weeks are becoming a regular occurrence for all employees, you risk exhausting your employees if something is not done to curb that extra workload. You are going to have very unhappy workers with a minimal energy level if you don’t hire a few extra people to help disperse the increase in work.

Your clients are starting to take notice and reach out.

It’s one thing if there are noticeable changes within your workplace, but it’s another thing when your clients are starting to notice that something is up. If it has become such an issue that your clients can tell there is a problem, you’ve let it carry on far too long. It’s time to take action and accrue more qualified individuals for your team.

An expanding business should be an exciting new opportunity, not cause for more stress. Recognize these signs so you know when it’s time to start the hiring process again!