Your Gleeful Liberal Takedown of Hillary Clinton Is Affirming Institutional Sexism

I wrote this Ma 10 in response to another HRC attack, your piece shines a light on a very dark place…..

” I think HRC has had to absorb so much unkindness and ridicule and never ending accusations that really attack her core person (honesty,integrity,intelligence) that she may have become somewhat desensitized as to how really awful it is….I feel very badly for her, I don’t believe she deserves this kind of school yard bully behavior and I don’t know how she has been able to stand it.. She is paying the terrible price required of women that attempt to push through that glass ceiling and while doing it for her run for the White House she is also taking the heat for those women striving for any role of importance who will come after her. I feel we, as women, have sold her out and somewhat abandoned her…you don’t have to vote for her but you could at least make it clear to those engaged in this type of ridicule and thinly veiled woman hate, that this is not acceptable. If women do not take care of this situation you do realize don’t you that in the future it will be your daughter or granddaughter that will be treated this way anytime she attempts to step outside of her assigned role. It may not bother you when it’s happening to Hillary but how about in the future when it’s happening to your mother, daughter, bff, any other woman you care about.. I am ashamed of our seeming willingness to leave her unprotected and out there while we seem just fine acting out the same behavior as our oppressors always have.. Don’t vote for her, that’s your business, but for God’s sake take care of one of the tribe….

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