The United Story Isn’t About Customer Service. It’s About Class Warfare.
Paul Constant

This is an off the cuff comment on Mr. Constant’s article regarding the trending United Airlines story and a connection to class warfare. Since I didn’t need any convincing, although I might use the term ‘income disparity’, I read until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I did pay attention to the following however and cheered a cheer, hey look, somebody gets it, maybe there could be a grand number out there who get it. “The video that made its way across the internet today is what “getting worse” looks like. Here’s the thing: when you support trickle-down economic policies that put profits before people, this is what you get. Low-wage jobs, deregulation, and tax cuts for huge corporations that result in a culture in which businesses enjoy a tremendous amount of power over ordinary citizens.”

This is now the ‘new normal’ and I’m thinking if we don’t find a way to move business back to the center standard of an acceptable moral stance…something like ..we, the people, are one half the equation and you the commercial enterprise are the other half , and the two of us are the formula that =’s profitable Capitalism, then I think our days of being dragged off airlines, rolled under buses after our pockets are riffled, denied education, and awarded pitiful medical care are only just beginning. In case you think I just want to whine, I’d like to offer, IMO, a solution that could get this issue the attention it needs. If everyone that finds themselves at all unhappy about situations like this would agree on one day a week, not to spend any money on ANYTHING, I would be willing to bet that after the third or fourth week, notice would be taken.

Just a little bit more…in response to Mr. Martinez’s comment about the police and a State’s right, I think it’s important to know that they were not ‘The Police’ but were, instead, employees of the airport security faction, responding at the request of the airline. The man leading the deplaning attack is, as of, I think yesterday, no longer employed there. (I have not fact checked this but did hear it discussed.)