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“When you buy something made by a person, there is something special there, and you do feel it. The consciousness with which a thing is made is often more important than the thing itself.” J.D. Walters

Fashion market has indeed come a full circle, from a monumental shift from clothes being made by hand to doing away with labour intensiveness with industry automation, it stands again at the mercy of ‘handcraft’ to progress. And why not? The credibility and inimitability of handmade is sure to appeal to the ‘aware consumer’ of age.

Buying handmade is about people, not machines. It’s about the dexterity of each manufacturer and a product of his/her magical resourcefulness. Handmade is the celebration of imagination, exclusivity, culture — not an easy-fit culture where everything looks same. It’s the appreciation of time, skill and effort that goes into each piece of work.

Buying handmade is more sustainable, with careful sourcing of raw materials, skilful workof a craftsman pouring love in each piece with a dream of passing on his age old craft, tradition and nothing more. It’s not for just now, but forever. Handmade also helps combat the repercussions of fast fashion and throw-away culture.

Even if it’s one handmade collection, each product isslightly different from the other. It’s theseminiscule imperfections that make it desirable; it’s these irregular quirks that are the USPs. Buying handmade is, indeed, the real thing.

Buying handmade supports local craft industries and people. The price one pays for it is exactly for what one buys — there are no hidden costs. It doesn’t only support a local household monetarily but also aids in the revival and boom of age old art techniques. Buying handmade keeps craft skills alive. The demise of handcrafts is a real loss of cultural identity and buying handmade ensures traditional craft skills are kept alive and creates a demand for education in these skills.

Indian August provides one such platform for free expression of designers, artists, crafts enthusiasts and revivalists who integrate Indian handcrafted traditions to reflect a contemporary vocabulary. It aims to build a symbiotic relationship between the artisans at the grass root level and the urban market.

Indian August products describe what happens when you leave a part of yourself; your soul, your creativity, your love in your work. When you love doing something and put yourself entirely into it, the outcome shows. That’s how handcrafted clothing at Indian August is. From buying handmade cotton tops to buying designer wear, handcrafted fashion at Indian August has several choices to offer. And these are only a click away at einidanaugust.com! Buy handcrafted clothing online, today .