The Grammys reach peak irrelevance
Washington Post

You’re right about the premise. The Academy has and continues to be bias towards black excellence. But I think you’re just picking at scabs, and not looking at the wounds. Adele fully deserved her win. Lemonade was great, but 25 was one hell of an album. An even fairer fight would have been 25 vs. A Seat At The Table.

What seems more shocking and more blatant evidence of racial bias is the term used for the genre of music that Lemonade was nominated for — “Urban Contemporary”. All this music is contemporary. And the album had clear references to blues and country music. Genres that came from…rural areas.

If you read this, thanks. You have a history of scrutinizing the Grammys ( The differences between these two artists seem marginal beyond the obvious ones like musical style. Content matter, in the abstract, seem similar — all personal matters with Lemonade have a slightly more political twist.

Maybe reexamine 1989 vs. To Pimp A Butterfly. In my opinion, that was the most egregious error and clearest evidence of a racially biased system. But you weren’t too upset then?