Debugging Alexa Skills and Google Actions just became easier

Introducing the Jovo Debugger (beta)

Jovo, the open source framework for voice app development of Alexa Skills and Google Actions, launches an additional tool that makes developers’ lives easier: the Jovo Debugger.

Read on to learn more, or watch this video:

After building some larger voice apps with the Jovo Framework that included several states and multi-turn conversations, we realized how tedious the whole testing and debugging process still is. If you want to test the whole user flow, you mostly have two options:

  1. Test on a device with your voice, or
  2. use the simulators provided by Amazon and Google.

The problem with both (that have their own advantages and disadvantages compared to each other) is that they lack the right tools for testers and debuggers to see the larger picture, and to reproduce where something might have gotten wrong.

Finally, the Jovo Debugger can help you with that:

We scratched our own itch by creating a browser-based tool that gives you instant visual feedback about where you are in the conversation, no matter if you’re testing on a device or by clicking some buttons on the interface.

To get started, just run the Jovo development server and copy your webhook link into your browser. Either update your Jovo app to the current version (v1.3.1) or create a new project by taking the following steps:

# Install Jovo CLI
$ npm install -g jovo-cli
# Create a new project
$ jovo new HelloWorld
$ cd HelloWorld
# Run local development server
$ jovo run
Example server listening on port 3000! 
This is your webhook url:
# Copy the link above!

This is a beta release and we’re really excited about all the additional features we have on our roadmap for the Debugger. Stay tuned! Any feedback? Reply to this or join our Slack.

We’re looking forward to seeing (and hearing!) what you’re building with the Jovo Debugger and the Jovo Framework. If you like what we’re doing, consider giving us a star on GitHub: