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Talking a Lot! means Nothing? I disagree

I got to the senses of your story and truly , it might not be the best rewarding of all. I sincerely think that most people who talk too much is because they believe in something that’s much higher than the rest… In most cases , my opinion tells me that without the talk alots, there would be no body to justify that what has been spoken of is wrong or correct. As far as i understand life today… Our young people talk more and listen more, due to the influence of more bla bla bla music and more action of talk. this brings me to the point., where are those that listen more and talk less.. probably they keep nodding their heads, to illustrate correct from wrong..

I still say that those that talk too much are mostly gifted in writing too.

I support talk altos because even if you talk past your words, you will eventually find a way on how to come back around that talk to make it readily reasonable and understandable to the third party.

I recently saw an advert called: “The Talk A-lot Show Africa”, I wondered does this mean that CCN would become ACN… or eventially it is existing.

In a workshop the one who talks alot brings about ideas that are vivid but after the extra comments from others, a brilliant idea is developed.

(Selfishness): believe you me, those that talk are more prone to spreading messages quickly than those that are quite, . In a business environment, people who talk too much are mostly hated by any other staff member, but the CEO always would like him / her. they are not selfish with suggestions, they are mostly vibrant people and they contribute to the sector of information sharing via spoken word on many occassions…

Imagine having a night out with 15 QUIET friends… Hmmm : How ? It won’t work. But with 15 Talking Friends, Hmmme : Yep! It Works.

Chao for NOW!#


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