Carpet Stain Removal Recipes That Will Remove ANY Stain!

When a stain occurs at home, how you treat the stain within the first few moments can determine whether the stain is easily removed or your carpet becomes permanently damaged. Acting quickly with a home stain solution can make the stain removal process easier and ensure a cleaner carpet. Identifying the type of stain and applying the right quick fix with these home carpet stain removal recipes can help you initially lift the stain and prevent long term damage to your carpet.

Identify The Stain

The first step in any stain treatment method is identifying the type of stain you’re dealing with. You may quickly identify what the stain is, whether coffee, wine, ink, food or pet based. But it’s also important to identify the characteristics of the stain, such as whether it’s water based, oil based, or paint based. For all stains, blotting up excess material and removing as much as the stain causing product as you can is the best way to act fast on a stain. Be sure to use a gentle blotting motion to avoid spreading the staining substance around.

Water-Based Stains

Water-based carpet stains include any substance that is water soluble, including beverages, fruit, water based dyes, washable ink, sauces, mud, water based paint, urine and excrement. Quickly blot up any excess material for this type of stain to limit the damage.


For water based stains such as the above, mix 1 cup of white vinegar (not wine vinegar or apple cider vinegar!) with 1 cup of water. Spray some of this solution onto the stained area and blot gently to help pick up and remove the stain particles. Start from the edge of the stain and work your way in to avoid spreading the stain.

Special Water-Based Stains

Some water based stains have a greater potential to cause lasting damage and require special treatment. These include more acidic stains like blood, coffee, mustard, tea, vomit and wine. As these stains can be harder to remove, its best to call a carpet cleaner for immediate stain removal attention if possible.


If you can’t get professional help right away, neutralize the stain with club soda and blot repeatedly to remove as much of the product as possible. Never use bleach as this can lead to bleach stains which require carpet bleach spot treatment. Never use warm or hot water as this can set the stain.

Oil Based Stains

Oil and fat based stains are not water soluble, so a detergent is necessary to break up the fat particles and lift the stain from the carpet. Oil based stains include butter, gravy, chocolate, oil, fat, grease and makeup.


Once again, blot excess with a clean white towel. Mix ¼ tsp with clear liquid dish soap such as Dawn and 1 cup of warm water. Don’t use dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent or bleach as these affect the color and dye of the carpet! Blot the stain with a towel or sponge moistened with the detergent solution and alternate with a clean dry towel to pick up the stain.

Paint Based Stains

Paint based stains include non-water based paints, crayons and nail polish. Apart from removing as much excess material as possible and blotting up what you can, these stains are very difficult to remove without professional equipment or spot removal training.

Spot Out — A PH Neutral Spot Cleaning Solution

Spot Out is in nearly every carpet cleaner’s kit. It is an all-purpose carpet cleaner and spot remover that is PH neutral! Apply Spot Out undiluted to the affected area of your carpet, and blot it away with a clean, damp towel. As a thank-you to our clients and friends, Einstein Carpet Care offers a free lifetime supply of Spot Out!

Ensure you pre-test your spot cleaning solutions on a small, hidden patch of carpet before using, and never scrub or rub stains. With these carpet stain removal recipes and professional help from a carpet cleaner, you can ensure that no stain stays on your carpet for long!

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