PTE Academic Preparation Course — Types of Questions

PTE is really not a simple test. It is a test which assesses all four skills — Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening but in a different way than many other tests of English such as IELTS, TOEFL etc. Often, questions test two skills in combination. For instance, you may get questions which may assess your listening and reading skills together or speaking and reading skills together. The test will last for 3 hours. The test-takers can expect to get their results well within 5 days.

PTE is divided into three major parts, each of which is further divided into several smaller and bigger sections.

1 Speaking & Writing — This part of the test may last for about 77–93 minutes.

2 Reading — This part of the test may take about 32–41 minutes.

3 Listening — This part of the test may last for 45–57 minutes.

Test-takers can take 10 minutes break (optional).

Types of Questions

There can be various types of questions in PTE Academic. Here, we have grouped together a few of the common types of questions which appear in PTE Academic.

  • Read Aloud — Test-takers will see some text on the screen. They will have to read aloud.
  • Repeating Sentence — Test-takers will listen to a recorded sentence, will have to listen carefully and then repeat as suggested or recommended.
  • Describing an image — Here, examinees will see an image and they will have to describe it.
  • Re-telling the lecture — Examinees will listen to or watch a lecture. They will have to retell what they have understood making use of their own words.
  • Multiple-choice questions — Have to select the best response or there can be questions in which one may have to select more than one answer.
  • Paragraph Jumbling- There will be questions in which examinees have to rearrange the paragraphs in the right order.
  • Listen, Answer or Summarize — The test-taker will have to answer questions as he/she listens and has to summarize the given text in a single sentence. He/she may also listen to recorded summary of the paragraphs displayed on the screen. He/she will have to pick the best paragraph which the summary describes.
  • Selecting wrong words — Similarly there will be questions in which examinees will listen to a recorded voice with a transcript of it on their screen and they will have to highlight the wrong words which are not spoken by the speaker.
  • Essay Writing — May have to write an essay of about 200–300 words.

Preparation is key to success in PTE

Before registering for PTE Academic it is always recommended that one should prepare for it thoroughly. It is observed that those who do not give importance to preparation do not come closer to expected score. If you wish to get higher score then it is necessary that you prepare for it.

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