The Eco-Friendly Tote Bags

Einst Urown
Aug 21, 2018 · 3 min read

When it is about business’ advertising and marketing efforts, a promotional goods category is classic: totes and bags. Promotional tote bags were the most favorite bags for conferences and trade shows. They are getting more attention and these are all because of the latest eco-friendly tote bags that are designed for shopping, which will help your brand and our environment at the same time.

What makes an eco-friendly shopping tote bags?

  1. Reusable. It is all around the state, communities are already banning the single-use of plastics and paper grocery bag. There are also countries that totally banned plastics in their grocery and only use paper bags. These bags clog up landfills and use up treasured resources. It is important now to stop using plastic bags and switch to the sturdy tote bags which can be used again.
  2. Recycling. Some of the eco-friendly tote bags were made of recycled resources and some are recyclable. Which way, this conserves energy and materials, which are environmentally friendly features. The famous recyclable eco-friendly materials are polypropylene, non-woven and a recycled alternative is RPET that is made from a plastic found in soda and water bottles. When selecting recycled products, be certain to note the fraction of the post-consumer content.

The promotional benefits of an eco-friendly tote bags for groceries. Just like the traditional tote bags, they have the large imprint portion which gives you abundant room to show your message and logo. They are easy to match with your brand and can come in many colors. They are so easy to store, to ship, and to distribute which avoid the logistical tests of the many other kinds of promotional stuff. Another alternative for the eco-friendly tote bag is a biodegradable construction. If a material in the bag will naturally collapse when being exposed to water and air, then it will reduce landfill contribution. An example is jute tote bag and cotton is biodegradable. Then, you might consider using an organic bag. The Natural fibers such as cotton may be called organic when they grow without those environmentally harmful pesticides.

Also, take note that there are lots of eco-friendly products that come with the hang-tag or special label that explains the stuff’s properties. This is so important for lots of many eco-friendly goods feel and looks identical to the traditional items. It teaches the recipient regarding the commitment to the environment.

People are choosing eco-friendly tote bags because they want them and use them. In a week, Americans are making at least two to three trips into the grocery stores. That will add up to numerous times carrying the tote bags around and people will often see your logo. It is assumed that those promotional tote bags produce a thousand of good impressions in every dollar spent.

For the maximum value of tote bags, choose the one with a sturdy bottom and a reinforced handle. Bear in mind that if the bag handle breaks, it will not be used anymore and your logo will not be seen as well. Also consider those convenient features such as a pen loop, the shopping-list pocket, or the tuck-away pocket, so a bag can be folded up trimly when it is not in use.

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