How to plan a pop-up shop

The retail industry changes a lot nowadays. So that’s important to make a business more dynamic according to that. More and more new opportunities are getting opened as well.

In common, shops make their own content, catalogs, and other things. The companies of brands have to cut their stuff. Factories get more responsible for pleasing the wishes of the customers. All these tendencies take place in the market at present.

A pop-up shop gives a chance to open a small selling point for some period of time. It can help the brand check the reaction of the public, clients. It also can be a good method for exploring new areas for trading in the future. This kind of shop is a good way for getting some necessary information, experience.

Important details about the plan

The main goal of any pop-up shop is increasing the profit. Other goals depend on some situation, political principles of the company. For example, it can be strengthening the image, the reputation. Testing new goods, new projects, learning the opinion of the clients may be realized with this tool as well.

The right place and decorating

The place where a pop-up store will take place should suit the brand and the goods. The decorations can follow the ideas of the website, for example. It would help in forming the image, trusting of the customers, to make a reputation for a small company and so on.

Before looking for a place, it would be better to make some list of demands, even small details, which should be followed in working process. Even fitting rooms should be in the right place to form a good mood of the public.

The duration of work

That’s one very important moment more, which cannot be ignored. From one side, a too short period can become uncomfortable for a company. From the other one, a too long period of work isn’t good either. The point is to find the balance.


A pop-up shop works for a short period of time, that’s why as many people as possible should know about it. Good tools such as mailing lists, ads in social media and others will provide the promotion. The point is to attend more and more people, to make the event well known.

Making launch events

It’s a great method to attract the new public, clients. Making a party can have a great success for the image of a trading company, for increasing the profits in the future.

Making a concept

If a company is small, the identification of it will be very reasonable. A logo should be done, the decorations make sense. The key is to make some exclusive atmosphere, to create own style.

The collection and analysis of the results

During the work of a pop-up store as many details as possible should be fixed. The most common of them is the method of selling, the most popular good, the types of customers and other details. By the way, making some conclusions will determine the further plans and goals.

The right analysis of customers, their behavior, needs, and wishes will provide a great success for a trading company.

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