Language intellectual elitism is a scourge on the software development industry.
Eric Elliott

Perl’s “TIMTOWTDI” is arguably doing even better in JS. If I want to write ClojureScript instead of JS, I can!

I am a bit ambivalent about ES6 though. I can’t make up my mind whether to stick with ‘pure’ ES5 or embrace the new class syntax fully. Whichever way I choose, I feel like I will miss out on something. But on the other hand, if I choose to pursue both at the same time, that is likely to get confusing because of minute differences in behavior, such as the lexically bound “super” in ES6 which is less flexible than the ES5 equivalent code.

TIMTOWTDI induces analysis paralysis and frustration, but I’d rather have this Swiss army knife than some kind of limited toy language, that’s for sure…

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