Erasmus groups #sharing moments #staying connected

Part 5

In previous articles, we said about our team’s observation in Erasmus people. The moment they arrived here, they connected to each other with applications such as Facebook, Skype, Viber and Snapchat. They were connect to their families using the same applications as well. That connection has as a result to share their moments in Greece with their old and new friends. Except for moments Erasmus people were sharing traditional recipes from their countries and special customs (We have to consider that the observation was conducted in Christmas period).

Sharing proposals about life in Athens, ideas for applications that they will make their life easier and their moments in our country had special results.

Firstly, they understood the Greek culture and they managed to combine it with theirs. So, they created a multicultural group that is a part of a great young community. Then, some of them they had to trust totally strange people (for the rent of the house etc). So, through that experience, they told us that “Trusting a totally strange person is something that it has no borders and it can easily be done”. No, they are less suspicious!

But the most important thing is an idea that it was came- up as a joke, but it is very helpful and no one hasn’t thought about it yet. The last day of our observation they realized as much as we, how they were helped by platforms and applications they use. Skype, Viber and Messenger and mostly Airbnb they were a “miracle” for them in a strange country. After that thoughts all of us we understood, that there is not a platform which can connect all the people for Erasmus group in a country, so they can share their experiences with all the Erasmus people here in Greece. So maybe, that idea is a start for a start-up which will be very helpful for every person wants to go in other country with Erasmus program. Who knows?

From our part, we would like to thank all of Erasmus people that joined our team and helped us with the observation. We gained more thinks than what we expected!