Erasmus groups #sharing moments #staying connected

(Part 4)

After spending a week with people for Erasmus Group and doing a lot of research in their life, our time gathered too many results. The most important of them, show how Erasmus People are connected with each-other, with their families in their home-countries and which applications are they use for that connection. Apart from that we thought that is a good idea to see if Erasmus people have the mood to be part of the Greek community and share experiences with Greek people.

At first, it was obvious that Erasmus people connected to each other, the moment they arrived in our country with no suspiciousness. They were connected from the first time via Facebook groups but it wasn’t enough for them. So, they exchanged their Facebook profiles and so they were connected via Viber and Skype, so each one of them can share a moment in Greece. The only think they have to do the others, is just following!

But sharing moments in Greece, it was something that anyone could do. What about the characteristics of their home country? We have a group of people from 5 different countries (Poland, Sweden, Italy, Germany etc) so except for their experience in Greece each one of them shared something special from his country. Recipes, special games and customs were only a part of their multicultural daily routine.

Also, each one of our observable group had different habits. So, the life with the mobile phone and the applications was different. Erasmus people didn’t hesitate to share the applications that make their life easier. What was the result of that sharing? Many people became familiar with applications that didn’t know they exist. As an example, some of them they didn’t know Uber (taxi application) until they come here. But when we were observing them they told us that is more safe from a normal taxi and when they return to their country they were going to use it there too!

On the other hand, there are some apps that Erasmus people were afraid to use it here. Couchsurfing is one of them. They don’t trust people in foreign countries so they don’t want to share their couch with someone else and also, they didn’t want to rent someone else’s couch. So, in that part, we didn’t manage to convince them that the app has the same danger here as it has in their country.

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