Airbnb sucks now.

Try finding a good booking nowadays. The spirit is gone from hosts wanting to welcome people, it’s all a money game now.

Maybe it was always a money game, but as a successful 60+ Review 4.5–5* Review host, and 20+ 5* guest, I never put money before experience and fun. Hosting a spare bedroom was fun and simple to learn how my City, Tampa, Florida was growing — and traveling around the world, it was fun to meet different hosts. Never was a superhost though because I would proactively cancel guests that I felt I would not be able to give a superior experience too; like the person that booked my place as one person and was brining 6. Or the guy that wanted to use it as a hookup pad and expected me to be out for the night. Yeah, right.

Now all I see non-uniform bed sheets, left over accessories from prior guests and worst of all, no fucking hangers in closets displayed prominently on slumlords as they all maintain a 4.0–4.5 rating. Penny wise, pound foolish.

Really, I’ve found the clothes hangers to be the number one accurate judge of whether a host really cares about their place. It’s not expensive to purchase 10–15 plastic hangers, not even $5 in most parts of the world. YET after my experience of booking places in Japan, S. Korea, Thailand, Philippines and USA — the hanger measurement has become a proud measurement I use to judge if I’m going to book a place or not.

There are alternatives. VRBO actually gave me a gave listing, and I’m trying it now out. Let’s see what happens.

Airbnb got me into the roomshare idea, yet it’s not keeping up.

Also, the experience thing, The fuck is that? I’m “going” to pay someone the privilege of being a tourist? Even more ironic is a foreigner showing another foreigner around and charging a premium for it. Most locals love marketing their area and showing what they love.

Airbnb needs to diversify, sure. The quality of these experiences just seem pathetic. Just go to any large urban city, and you’ll see the irony in the ads. No quality control, means no distinguished experience, means waste of money.

And that’s my rant for the night.

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