Hexabot.top a new Scam Bot platform for Cryptocurrency — Bitcoin & Litecoin

Esteban Irurueta
Dec 6, 2017 · 3 min read

So, with Litecoin and Bitcoin breaking record highs, BTC soaring over $12,500 and LTC holding steady over $100, many services companies are appearing offering automated trading services.

Hexabot.top is one of these services. I encountered a shill post on Reddit and decided to investigate:

24% profit!

The link is of course a referral link for affiliate marketing.

So first step, let’s see how long the website has been around. A simple whois reveals how long the domain has been operating, and we can then drill down more if we need to by viewing different DNS records — specifically the A record IP address and the MX address. But, we don’t need to do this in today's’ case.

9/8/2017. Well it hasn’t even been 3 months. Sure moves fast.

Site looks nice though, I’ll give it that. Some quality design.

Where it becomes suspect, and it’s pretty typical for this sort of thing to happen on all the websites. Don’t website operators understand fake reviews remove reliability and trust? In today’s web a reverse image search is able to uncover the truth instantaneously.

Ah, the reviews. Self hosted on their website, and clearly authoritative and non-biased enough to be trusted.

Let’s just pick one, Amber Mcnulty. The last name already screams suspicious, but that could just be me. What else could we do?

Ah, a reverse image search!

Inspect > Drill down> find the hosted image.

Aha! The original image link is:


If you use Chrome it’s built in, otherwise save and upload on google.com

Now what do we find….

Score! A LinkedIn!
“Marketing Advertising”

But I thought she was Amber Mcnulty… Why would Hexabot lie to me?!


Don’t trust random reddit posts.
Use public tools to see how old websites are.
Reverse image search to remove doubt.
Nothing is guaranteed profit.

From this, it’s clear you don’t need to dig deeper into Hexabot at all.