The one reason why you haven’t become a thought leader and how you can change that.

Do you dream of becoming a thought leader?

It is no secret that many people aspire to become a thought leader. The Internet is full of tips and advice to help you become a thought leader. And yet, many people feel that being a thought leader is just a dream. A dream that is so far to reach.


The answer is much simpler than you thought. It is because most people fail to take actions consistently.

As with any success, becoming a thought leader is no accident. It requires strategy, consistency, visibility, continuous learning and applying that knowledge.

When I run Career Planning Workshops, I see that a lot of the time, setting goals is not that hard — most people know what they want and what they need to do to get there. Taking actions, however, seems to be harder than setting goals because we are always too busy or we don’t know where to start or we don’t have the motivation to take the first step.

One of the goals that many high achievers like yourself has is to build a thought leadership presence so they can share their knowledge, have a stronger influence and make more impact in this world. I want to help you with this goal because as my personality report reads, “you have a “sense of mission” that leads you to want to improve the world in various ways. You wish to be useful in the best sense of the word.” Besides, I want the same thing so what better way to learn than to teach and to share what I know.

So I have put together something. It is called 30 Days Thought Leadership Challenge.

With this 30 Days Thought Leadership Challenge, my intention is to help you in taking actions to build your online presence and become a thought leader in your niche by doing small but important tasks every day for 30 days.

Will you become a world-renowned thought leader in a month? Probably not. (Ha, this is why I am not in sales!) But you will know more than you did today and you will have made an impact, and that is what really matters at the end of the day. I have always believed that thought leadership is not about self-promotion, it is about adding value by sharing your expertise and knowledge.

I will focus on having the right mindset, laying a strong foundation, actioning and improving on key competencies and setting a sustainable pace for becoming a thought leader. You will receive an email from me every day outlining an action item aka daily challenge for the next 10 days. Once you have finished 10 days, you can take the next step and sign up for the remainder of the 30 days.

When you’re ready, please click below or here to sign up for a preview of 30 Days Thought Leadership Challenge.

“Dream big. Start Small. But most of all, start”.
- Simon Sinek

Outline of 30 Days Thought Leadership Challenge

The challenge focuses on having the right mindset, laying a strong foundation, actioning and improving on key competencies and setting a sustainable pace for becoming a thought leader.

Day 1: Identify your niche
Day 2: Research your audience
Day 3: Pick three platforms
Day 4: Write your personal bio
Day 5: Create an email signature
Day 6: Download apps/tools
Day 7: Create an ideas backlog
Day 8: Make your commitment
Day 9: Create content
Day 10: Create content
Day 11: Curate content
Day 12: Learn something
Day 13: Contact 2–4 publications
Day 14: Buffer/Free day
Day 15: Reflect & update your ideas backlog
Day 16: Ask for testimonials
Day 17: Create content
Day 18: Learn something
Day 19: Create content
Day 20: Submit a speaking proposal
Day 21: Buffer/Free day
Day 22: Reflect & update your ideas backlog
Day 23: Curate content
Day 24: Learn something
Day 25: Create content
Day 26: Ask input from your audience
Day 27: Pitch to media
Day 28: Review & update
Day 29: Be inspired
Day 30: Reflect & celebrate!

Thank you for reading!

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