The Future of Apple & AR
Daniel Eckler

So basically instead of writing an article on how Apple is failing you wrote an article how Apple is leading us into the future, with equally zero proof that this is the case. A Statement from Tim Cook? Really? What else is he supposed to say?

The Apple Watch and the AirPods are not examples of Apple’s success in wearables. The Apple Watch was late and under delivered , with a mess of a user interface and next to no convincing use case. The AirPods are equally as boring, with uninspiring design and a lack of vision. The only thing they offer compared to the competition is a modified Bluetooth chip.

Neither of these products show a vision that Apple has for wearable and AR computing. They might announce something groundbreaking, but that Company might also be Samsung, Google or even Microsoft( who has done a lot in the AR space).

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