Anyone watching the scenes playing out in the US Congress will find the following extremely common: Hours of showmanship that is completely staged for the media, with zero intent to really negotiate and reach some form of agreement between the two parties. Any bill that is brought to the table by one of the parties is first measured on one merit: Will passing it make “us” look better and “them” look worse?

The duopoly (i.e. the rule of 2 parties) in US politics has poisoned the ability to agree on anything because both sides have grown to believe that politics…

If you still think America is a shining beacon of democracy, here is an inconvenient truth for you: The average turnover of a U.S. Congress Representative is lower than that of European monarchs. These House delegates serve multi-decade terms and are focused on representing their donors more than their district voters.

The problem is not the character of the House delegate or their party, but an outdated district-based election system. Replacing this system, with proportional, state-wide voting for parties competing in each state, will restore the right incentives we need our House delegates to have, and pave the path for…

Eitan Medina

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