Finding yourself in other people’s photos

Whenever I have the time to browse through our photographs, old or new, printed or digital. I find myself reflecting on the people who are captured in them as bystanders or just passing through them.

In a way, their story is often more intriguing to me then what was originally captures in the photo. It has led me many times to come up with imaginative stories about these people and what they were actually doing there and then, and ten minuted later.

These thoughts usually take me on to wonder in how many other people’s photos am I present in? and where are they all scattered today?

Will the progress in digital photography and data sharing and analysis allow us one day to find ourselves in these photos, connect to the people who’s lives we decorated as a living background. Could we share with the people in our photos some new perspectives on what they were up to in a specific place and time when we captures them in our life stream?

Maybe some databases would even be able to search for all the different pictures taken in a single location and time by many different people and compile them into a collage that will give a totally new documented experience of the moment.

Till then, happy 2016 y’all. and if you recognize yourselves or anyone you know in this photo, just give me a shout.

My son and other folks at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.