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Japan’s Horinouchi House — The Amazing 600 Square Foot Mansion.

Japan’s Horinouchi House.

Tiny living is the way of the future, and as technology progresses and the population grows there will be a need for affordable housing. These tiny homes which are quite common in Japan are not only energy efficient, but a quick look at the layout will leave you in amazement at just how much space these homes can fit into a small amount of square footage.

The home is build on a unique two story floor plan, which utilizes lots of large windows and skylights to create an open air feeling. The entire design is reminiscent of both a studio apartment and a boat house, and the visual trickery is very impressive to say the least. Upon first walking into the unique little home you would think that you were in a much larger home. The design is focused more on the second story with the main living quarters being designed around the top floor as opposed to the bottom floor.

The Huge Bay Windows Fill The Small Home With A Stream Of Natural Lighting.

The open air design coupled with a non-stop stream of large bat windows makes the little house filled with light. This creates an optical illusion that makes the home look huge. There is more then enough hidden storage compartments all throughout the built-in window seating, as well as a built in computer desk and table.

Surprisingly the small home also has quite the kitchen built into it too, with plenty more counter space than you would assume. The bright bamboo floors and the built-in recessed lighting make the home seem like a model at night time, and the amazing Eco friendly architecture makes the home very energy efficient to live in. The Horinouchi House should change the way that we look at the future of real estate, with the small foot print and beautiful usage of such a limited amount of square footage this home could be the affordable future for families everywhere.

The Architect Even Squeezed A Playroom Into The Design.

Little homes such as the Horinouchi House are more affordable to build, and a small family could buy a cheap parch of land in an urban area or a rural community and have a wonderfully affordable opportunity to own their first home. We should definitely start thinking smaller, and try to invest in more unique properties like the Horinouchi House in Japan.

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