The Omen of the End

As the morning breaks, the sun is starting to set up high. While we watch the sun shines upon our mother earth, a moment to be grateful for Allah has shower countless of his blessings to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and us as his ummah.

In this era, where muslims are oppressed from various directions, the word “humanity” have been used to cross the line of islamic law, and muslims following the sunnahs have been labeled as “fanatics”. Have we, muslims, live in the right track? Or have we been following the wrong path, misled by satan and his whispering, all along?

The Holy Prophet (S) said: "There will come a time for my Ummah when their rulers will be cruel, their scholars will be greedy and have little piety, their worshippers (will act) hypocritically, their merchants will commit usury and conceal the defects of their buyings and sellings and their women will be busy with the ornaments of the world. Hence, at this time, the most vicious of them will dominate over them, and their good doers will invocate but they will not be answered."

Many of our prophet’s sayings regarding the omen of the last age have been considered normal these days, while the yaumul hisab is approaching, and muslims these days still refuses to better themselves.


Hijrah itself has the same meaning with migrate. But the word Hijrah these days have been associated with moving from the land of shirk to the land of Islam. Which is considered to be crucial these days where islamic views are needed to achieve madani society in Indonesia.

Hijrah means you intend to leave all beautiful sparkilings of dunya and walk in the path of Islam, and you need to change your goal orientation from dunya to akhirat.

Triggered by the feeling of emptiness towards this transient life, many of my muslim brothers have walk in the path of islam. Why? Because this life leaves a big hole inside their heart, filled with nothing but a fragments of happiness.

Muhajirins all over the world are experiencing the same oppressions, to be labeled as radicals and fanatics. Even the same oppressions may also come from our muslim brothers, sister and even family and it’s all down to you to make the tables turn. You can change this condition, make the oppressors understands the beauty of islam by showing them your true quality as a muslim.

Let’s consider these oppressions as trials from Allah to test our faith and belief. InshaaAllah we may live in His blessed path, and we are all reunited in His Jannah.

Jazakumullah Khairan Katsiran Wa Jazakumullah Ahsanal Jaza.