Mercury Is in Retrograde 2015

January 28,2015

As some of us already know, The Mercury Retrograde is in Aquarius from January 21st until February 11th. During this time lapse you might experience deja-vu . Or it could be a revelation that you've been pondering on for weeks. We can all agree that the universe is shifting into something great. It doesn't matter if you have good karma or bad, the underlying message is that, life is teaching you.

What i tell everyone is that time is happening simultaneously. In reality we need time because it helps life advancement. Sit tight because it’s a good thing for the universe. During this time you may notice that life is revealing some things you didn't know about yourself or others. Around this time it’s great to reflect,reorganize, re-calibrate and RELAX!. When you give things a lot of thought you get answers but don’t over-think. That is the contradiction of the story.

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