Why do we hold white men to such a low standard?

Hello Johanna, thanks for a very well written essay. I do however have plenty of questions I would like to raise concerning the text.

First off, I think the notion that ‘real men’ dont rape and that said act is suggesting the assailant is boy is false. Rape happends everywhere and can be commited by anyone. Saying that this crime is perpetrated by boys is basicly saying it is a notion of immaturity, which may be a toxic stand on a very important issue.

Also, what exactly do you mean that society (western, i suppose?) isn’t telling women that they can do what ever they want and that it is instead put forth by women. Are you not aware that women make up roughly 50 percent of society? Is society some abstract framework that we as people have no control over? No, society is made up by and only driven by the memebers of society — the people. If you look at pop-culture and the media nowadays, it’s knees deep into social issues such as feminism, racism, poverty etc. Are you saying that society are not talking about this? It’s very much the talking point of people nowadays. I just find that notion false.

Another thing that caught my eye was when you wrote that boys are not held accountable. Would you please elaborate on said topic. If you read studies about school enviroments and look at statistics for crime, you will find that boys are not only seen as the typical perpetrator, he is given much more severe punishment. They are the usual suspects of violent crime (rightly so, given the statistics of who commits the crime) but they are also hold to a very high standard of responisibility and are not excused because ‘boys will be boys’. Thats absolutely not true. Men serve much more time in prison/jail and pay higher fines for the same crimes commited by girls. They are under constant scrutiny in media for wrong doings and are generally seen as villains in these cases. The adding notion that this is sort of excused behaviour is more prevelant for white men I find no support for what so ever. Sure, the US has an unfair pressence of african-american prisoners and that should be a concern for everyone. But having some Hollywood actor as an example of bad behaviour being excused is absurd. These are people who are known for being rich and famous. The typical ‘get-out-of-jail-card’ — but I attain that this is not the case for your avarage while male.

Yeah they commit most of the crimes but they are also, close to always the victims. Of course there’s violence against women and thats is deplorable. But dont make this about us. This is something that is eating at the very fabric of male relations with eachother aswell as society in general.

I too have been blessed with amazing men in my life, so I understand if my views are subjectivly disorted. But I really think you need to produce firm evidence for claims of this magnitude.

I would like to close with saying that this was a great text, it got me thinking. This is not critique against you nor the fight for justice. Im not making excuses for shitty behaviour, but I think this topic needs feedback. I just had to raise these questions.

Best regards,

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