A new dawn

Young man came from hunting fein time weary

He walks out of his watery amphitheater, staring angrily at the hundreds of people who had unashamedly gathered to derive pleasure from his suffering.

In his rage he had not noticed that one of the wooden beam props was leaning, ready to fall.

The slow motion stare down between gladiator and crowd continued and as he walked out of the water, it finally hit him. No, not an epiphany, the giant beam, thumped against his head.

He awakens to a sight he had only ever seen in pictures previously.

“Now now son, we are almost there” 
He lifts his head up enough to see the Haji Alli Shrine in Mumbai, sitting calmly in the sea.

“Are you taking me there for miraculous healing?” Musalman enquires from the well dressed old man sitting in the helicopter.

“Err No. Our friend Dr Shabazker is going to do a full diagnostics check on you. You should be dead, Yet there’s not a scratch on you. In fact you’re stronger than you were before your accident. Never seen anything like it. If I could sum it up… Pain strengthens you.”

Musalman looks at him bewildered, one eye brow raised and then uncontrollably bursts out laughing. 
No Pain No Gain as they sayhe screams, chuckling like a hyena, tears rolling down his cheeks.
No one else laughs. Just awkward, Indian stares.
And judging…tons of judging.