Twitter Characters

I’ve decided to identify some of the characters you find on twitter, so…which one are you?

ELITE TWEETER: This comprises of the big names in the world, usually having millions of followers. You will (at most) get a “favourite” from these folks, which doesn’t help your cause in building up your follower base. You’ll probably keep that favorite as one of your life’s achievements.

COPY AND PASTER: This is a shameless group who (for lack of a better word) Steal tweets and hope no one picks up that they did. Usually, someone does and they are exposed. Sad thing is some of the people with the most followers are guilty of doing this, often getting more retweets or mentions then the poor bugger who’s tweet was stolen.

QUOTE RT’ER : This character is too lazy to think up his/her own ideas and opts to put their stamp on others thoughts and ideas…e.g @unoriginal_person RT “@original_person It’s important to be yourself”

MOTIVATIONAL QUOTER: This character copies and paste motivational quotes only. Initially it seems a good idea but since it lacks any originality, personal touch or emotion, the flavour of the bubblegum fades rather quickly.

CHARLES MENTION: The serial killer of your mentions. You might retweet this person ONCE and they will mention you in EVERY tweet for 17 years in a row. I usually block these types for peace of mind. They mean well, but don’t realize that they are using twitter like google chat. Not cool.

PUNDAMENTALIST: Yeah had to mention this because 1) I coined the term 2) I wear this hat a lot. Witty people on twitter usually make a great follow. Who hates puns, honestly?

TROLLS: These are the most despised of all. They have nothing better to do with their time other than hate on anyone or any topic. Usually very miserable individuals in real life as well.

FOLLOWBACKERS: This refers to those who choose to follow back everyone who follows them, and expect those they follow to do the same….And if you don’t, you will be reminded via a “Now following, Follow back please” in your mentions, until you do so. Pressure group of note.

HASHER: Usually a new person to the twitterverse, this person is easily recognizable by their penchant to make up long and untrendy hashtags like #IwishIwasatHomeButImAtWork or #sohungryrightnow

PRINCESS SELFIE’A : Before social media was a thing, she was just your average girl next door. Now,in the modern era, she uses makeup and filters and takes photos in the mirror with her dirty laundry on the bathroom floor.

FF’ers: These guys make twitter like a weekly job. They will FF the entire world every Friday. Don’t laugh too much, you did it too when you just started to garner followers…well…at least I know I did.

There are too many to mention and we’ll be here all day but it’s the diversity of the different characters you witness that keeps the Medium of Twitter fresh,always.

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