We don’t know what the future now holds, but we must work together.

5 years ago I moved to Germany. I was given the freedom to search in a widened job market, thanks to the EU. I found a life where I could contribute towards a cause I am passionate about. I have been able to accrue experiences I never imagined, work with the smartest minds in the music and tech industries, meet the woman I love and start saving money to build a family. Those experiences, connections, relationships and the little wealth I have, I am able to bring back and invest in the country which gave me a fortunate start on this planet. That freedom was brought into question yesterday.

As a European a Union we have helped give people from all over Europe those same opportunities I was given. While growing up I worked in my parents family business where I got to know people from Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Estonia, the list goes on. Those people were able to come to Great Britain, just as I was able to go to Germany, and build relationships, learn from each other, earn a livelihood, invest all of that back into their own countries and make the European Union, maybe even the world, a better place. What a beautiful thing that is.

The United Kingdom is not a nation that needs help, we are a nation that should be strong enough to help. Voting to help ourselves, rather than helping others goes against what my mother taught me, what my father taught me, what I learnt at school — what my country brought me up to believe in.

We should want to be a part of something bigger. Being a part of decisions that impact 28 countries, surely is better than being a part of decisions that impact 1. Finding a way to work together is always going to be more difficult than working alone, but we shouldn’t give up. If you’re frustrated with how our union works, then work to fix it.

The United Kingdom is no longer United. It’s upon each of us to look past our differences, unite and work with our neighbours not against them.