Liberalism, at least in the classical sense, is fundamentally pro- global free trade and…
Ben Yardley

I am aware of classic liberalism — but that is definitely NOT how the original poster is using it.

One of the contradicting conservative criticisms of liberal culture is that we coddle people too much with our safe spaces and our participation trophies, but that we’re also destroying the old school jobs in rural America.

This is correlating capitalism — which is driving globalization — and exists in densely populated cities — with liberalism ( acceptance of multiculturalism ) — as it also exists in cities. I am unaware how the faux-religiosity and narrow minded xenophobia and white supremacy of rural America. It seems to be asking that rural America be somehow subsidised to preserve it in amber like a museum exhibit, so that the original poster can go back to rural America and live life in the slow lane.

Those jobs were destroyed by right-wing capitalism — killing unions and shipping the jobs overseas. I agree it sucks but blaming multicultural acceptance for job losses is like blaming popsicles for sunburns.

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