Yes, this is as bad as it sounds.
It Takes Us.

It’s all very well to say stand your ground gives people the legal right to murder to whip up your base, but sure as you do some idiot is going to kill somebody and think he can say I felt threatened is enough to get him off. He may indeed genuinely and legitimately feel threatened. It won’t help him. The legal standard is and always has been the reasonable man standard. Would a reasonable man in his place felt enough threat to justify taking a life?

You have zero chance of changing the law in these states with a Republican held legislatures. You have an excellent chance of convincing an idiot he can get away with murder. You may not care about the idiot, but what about the victim? Do you want that kind of blood on your hands?

Political disagreement is generally ugly. We usually draw the line at saying things that will get the innocent killed.