Mackenzie River at Fort Simpson, Sarah Bradfield, Flickr image

Part I

With the wind in the wrong direction, Hardin picked the boat out of the morning glare before he heard the engine. Several miles out, the big aluminum semi-vee with the large outboard might ignore him. They usually did. His binoculars showed four men.

In those years when he…

The sort of aging farmer you don’t want to mess with: nasty, mean, and low, utterly ruthless. Model release based upon promise of anonymity. Writer photograph.

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The Price of Doing Business

The tracks in the newly emerging oats from previous landings and the supporting truck traffic did considerable damage to the soft, tilled ground in Hardin’s long field by the river…

Edd Jennings

Edd Jennings runs cattle on the banks of the New River in the mountains of Virginia.

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